Spring 2016 Master's Projects


  • The Effects of the Hatch i StartSmart Mobile Table on Preschoolers' Emergent Literacy
    By Jennifer Wilson
  • Student Motivation and Academic Progress when Integrating Music with Reading Lessons
    By Mary Joyce Stefanowicz
  • Can Buddy Reading Effect Students' Feelings Toward Reading?
    By Paula McQuestion
  • Reading for Understanding: Reading Comprehension Strategies that are Effective for Students with Learning Disabilities
    By Kelly Sandrock
  • The Effect of Graphic Organizers as it Pertains to Reading Comprehension and Informational Texts
    By Stephanie Widdoes

C & I Mathematics

  • The Effectiveness of a Structured Note-Taking System in a Middle School Mathematics Classroom
    By Mary E. Breznitsky
  • The Effectiveness of Writing Out Solutions to Mathematics Problem
    By Brittany Scarnulis

C & I Science

  • Promoting Student Understanding of Ecology Concepts with Project-Based Learning
    By Jenn Mason

Curriculum and Instruction - English as a Second Language

  • The Impact of I-Ready on the Reading Comprehension Skills of English Language Learners
    By Meghan E. Bell
  • Computer Assisted Instruction and Its Effects on Math Students in a Learning Support Setting
    By Alicia Garavaglia-Mikluscak
  • The Impact of Comprehensive School-Based Teenage Pregnancy Programs
    By Christina Marie Jeckell
  • The Practical Implications of Telemedicine in the School Health Room: A Meta-analysis
    By Donna LaPorte
  • Assessing the Importance of English Language Learners' Writing Progression Through Writing Portfolios
    By Kate Reynolds
  • The Impact System 44 has on Phonemic Awareness Instruction for English Language Learners
    By Heather Rosato
  • The Effects of Technology on the Development of Phonological Awareness in Preschool Students
    By Edward Rosengrant
  • The Effects Sports Participation has on Academic Performance from In-Season to Out-Of-Season Athletes
    By Jason Smolinsky
  • A Meta-Analysis of Contemporary Virtual Field Trips for Optimal Interactive Learning
    By Anna Lee Steighner
  • The Effectiveness of Sentence Frames in Developing English Language Learners' Academic Vocabulary
    By Jordan Zande

Fall 2015 Master's Projects


  • Think Pair Share: A Strategy to Enhance Students' Critical Thinking
    By Calli Berryman
  • Enhancing Fluency and Comprehension Skills for Students with Learning Disabilities Using a Corrective Reading Program
    By Kristen Flock
  • Expository Text Structure
    By Jeffrey J. Hanadel
  • "30" Words in Thirty Days: Explicit Vocabulary Instruction
    By Andita N. Parker Lloyd
  • DEAR Me: Examining a Sustained Silent Reading Program on Cultivating Students' Reading Attitudes and Habits
    By Megan E. Sweeney
  • Title I Delinquent Reading Programs: What's Reported and What's Not Reported?
    By Cheri L. Shaver

Curriculum and Instruction - English as a Second Language

  • A Meta-analysis of the Common Characteristics of Dual Immersion Programs
    By Brittany Ann Driscoll
  • Teaching Middle School Science Using Bilingual Resources with a Focus on Cognates to Beginner and Intermediate ELLS
    By Vito C. Pasone, Jr.