Q. What's new at King's College?

A. King's College is an SAT optional college . New English Writing major. New Mass Communications concentrations. NCATE accredited.

Q. Why did King's College make the SAT optional?

A. King's College believes that many indicators are predictive of a student's ability to succeed in college, including the four-year academic record, GPA, strength of the curriculum, and overall rank in class (if available). Recommendations, the personal statement, co-curricular activities, leadership, community service, and a personal interview help to complete the profile. We chose to make the SAT optional because after much research, we found that the SAT is not always the best indicator of a student's academic preparedness. We decided that it should be the personal decision of each student to determine whether the SAT/ACT score or a graded paper more accurately portrays the student's ability to succeed in college.

Q. Will King's College require additional materials in lieu of SAT/ACT scores?

A. Yes. Students must have their Guidance Counselor submit an official, graded paper from their junior or senior year of high school if they choose not to submit a standardized test score.

Q. Can a student have both the graded paper and a standardized test score considered for admission?

A. No. A student can only choose to submit one of the options with his/her application. Once a student decides which he/she will be submitting, the decision cannot be reversed. There is a space on the application where a student indicates which option he/she will be selecting.

Q. Will a student be at a disadvantage for admission if he or she does not submit standardized tests?

A. No. Each application is reviewed individually with all of the components taken into consideration. The graded paper replaces the SAT/ACT requirement and holds just as much weight in the admission decision.

Q. How is the graded paper evaluated?

A. A King's College faculty member from the English department reviews all graded papers that are submitted to ensure the paper was graded fairly and completely. The content and quality of the paper are then taken into consideration for the admissions decision.

Q. Why would a student submit standardized test scores if they are not required?

A. In lieu of SAT/ACT scores, a student will be required to submit a graded paper from either their junior or senior year that is sent by the High School Guidance Office. It is a student's personal decision as to which will provide the best indication of their academic achievement and abilities in combination with their completed application and official high school transcript. Some students may feel that SAT/ACT scores offer a more complete indication of their academic achievement than a graded paper can. *SAT/ACT scores will also influence scholarship award consideration.

Q. Does the SAT optional program mean that King's College will be lowering its academic standards?

A. No. King's College's selective nature will remain untarnished because admission is still determined based upon the entire profile of a student.

Q. Does King's College offer programs for students with special learning needs?

A. Yes, King's College offers both an Academic Skills Center and a First Year Academic Studies Program.

Q. Does King's require an additional Financial Aid application besides the FAFSA?

A. Yes. All students who are applying for Financial Aid are also required to submit the King's College Financial Aid application. Our preferred deadline is February 15.

Q. What is the admission application fee?

A. The paper application has a $30 fee associated with it; however, applying online is free. Our support staff will notify your office when we receive an online application so that you may send us the student's official transcript, Guidance Counselor School Report Form, and graded paper if that option is chosen. If a student chooses to submit SAT/ACT scores, we will consider them official if they are on a student's official high school transcript.

Q. What are the minimum SAT/ACT scores and GPA that King's will consider for acceptance?

A. King's College evaluates students for admission based on their entire application, taking into consideration all areas from GPA to extracurricular activities. Therefore, we do not have a cut and dry score or GPA by which we will deny a student acceptance. However, any student who falls below a 2.8 GPA or has less than a 450 in any section on the SAT will have their application extensively reviewed by our Admissions Committee to determine the admissions decision.

Q. What is your average student profile?

A. Our average student has a 3.3 GPA and an average combined score ranging from 1450 to 1750 for all three sections of the SAT.

Q. What accreditations does King's College have?

A.King's College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education , The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) , the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education, and the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant.

Q. How can I obtain more information about King's College?

A. The Office of Admission is happy to answer any questions at 1-888-KINGS-PA or admissions@kings.edu .