Mr. Bill Bolan

Director of the Shoval Center for Community Engagement
Sherrer House

Office: 208-5900 ext. 5608

Maura Modrovsky

Community Outreach Coordinator

Sherrer House

Office: 208-5900 ext. 5915


Tammy Singer

Serve Coordinator and Associate Campus Minister

Sherrer House

Office: 208-6020

Fr. Thomas Looney, CSC

Director of Campus Ministry 
College Chaplain

Office and residence 208-5836


Administrative Assistant/Sacristan

Office: 208-5890



Rev. Jarrod Waugh, CSC

Associate Campus Minister

Office 208-8065

Mr. Robert Yenkowski

Music Minister

Office: 208-6044

Emma Gallagher

Associate Campus Minister

Office:  208-6068


Mr. Brendan McAleer, CSC

Associate Campus Minister

Office: 208-8015